braves’ season eds in disheartning fashion, lose 6-3 amidst controversial call

Atlanta certainly didn’t play good enough defense to win (3 errors), but this contest will forever be known as the “Infield Fly Rule Game”. What a terrible call in the bottom of the 8th.  The ball was definitely in the outfield and the ump clearly called it too late. Potentially a game-changing call. The bases would’ve been loaded with one out and who knows what might have happened.  I don’t blame the fans’ reaction.  What a travesty.  And I thought only football had replacement refs.

And another thing: MLB admitted later on Twitter they didn’t understand the infield fly rule, and then mysteriously took it away.  Coinsidence? I think not…

This whole one game Wild Card playoff format is pure garbage. Baseball  is played in series of games, not single elimination Mr. Selig. This isn’t football.  Baseball wonks don’t care about the fans or about rewarding teams for good records accumulated during the season.( Braves had at least six more wins than the Cards).  They only care about the almighty dollae and maximizing TV ratings.  I feel sorry for Chipper that his career ended this way.



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